Business process reengineering

Business process reengineering is the most radical and effective way to change work of company or entity, or a process in them, before the process of introduction of electronic process management systems. Any automation of the process as is, especially after the initial introduction of quality management systems, leads to completely different results than the customer expected.

The study and rethinking of the target process, that must be automated, during the reengineering will change the initial task for the automator to the correct one and thereby avoid inefficient loss of funds and quickly achieve a competitive advantage. Many managers can not decide this step, but the result of reengineering is always beneficial for business owners.

Reengineering can form the basis for optimization of any organization, both during the internal and global crisis.The control system resets accumulated ballast, creates a more efficient set of tools for collecting and analyzing information, making decisions becomes faster and more timely, since the whole system shows results online.