Automation of business processes

Automation of business processes with BAP software platform of our own production is the main development direction of our work. BAP is lightweight and contemporary platform, provides the lowest cost of ownership, scalable and transformable system that can work both on own hosted servers and in the cloud application mode. The platform allows to realize both individual local business tasks in any language, anywhere in the world, as well as complex large-scale projects and to transform not yet automated or already automated processes to modern ways of working and development. One of the main advantages of software for business is its ability to work with various data sources and collect them into a single integrated system, operating as a Swiss watch. Thus, the speed of implementation of new tools is provided and a smooth transition from outdated solutions to workplaces. The same advantage makes it possible to organize for the client its own fault-tolerant system capable of working without problems even after removing individual servers from it.

The platform for business automation is useful to those who:

- has a high level of automation, but reached the top in the capabilities of its system

- has no automated process management and wants to do everything right

- already knew what scrappy automation and understands what it takes to change all

- does not know how to correctly, quickly and qualitatively bring their activities to a high quality level

- who require the organization of numerous jobs in different cities and countries, with a high speed of deployment and ease of operation

- who knows how to properly manage modern technology without extra costs.