Automation of glass processing custom manufacture

Business process automation of on-demand glass manufacture plus retail and wholesale of materials and furniture is a complex solution for manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs that help to solve main production, management and accounting issues in the business.

The developed software solution in the business allow to:

  • reduce quantity of sales managers, accelerate their work and araise quality of sales and expand sales operation behind the borders of business (independend agents, partners etc)
  • add reuqired control above main business processes: sales, producton, provision, quality management, accounting
  • grow up business effectivness by reducing the cost of ownership of the business (both in variable and constant expenditures)
  • create modern tools for cooperation with customers within a unified centralized business management system and combine different parts of working process and merge different work sites that previously have been automated with other software
  • obtain required accounting, tax, sttistical and managerial infromation at any time and speed up managerial and investment decisions
  • improve effectivness of human resources processes, cut and optimize organizational structure
  • up the level of cutomer service, cut terms of goods production and araise their quality.

Using of application solution On-demand production within glass manufacturing allow to:

  • create own unique system management system in the business and conduct a minor business reorganization with a high effect
  • ease of doing the business (with low turnover, with a minimum of staff)
  • growup the business without significant or radical changes and costs within some years
  • quickly and with minimal costs to make radical changes in business management and workflows.

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