BAP is a modern software, web platform for building customized and universal tools for automating the business processes management of companies and non-profit organizations. The software provides to business of any size and profile the opportunity to receive convenient and reliable solutions for their business that created at a high, modern level.

Business apllications paltform based on a long-term experience of interaction with the business of various industries from retail and commission trade to large industrial, vertically integrated manufactures (parts of structured holdings) and solving accounting and management tasks by implementing software for business automation.

It allows you to connect disparate automated business elements, create new tools for newly automated sites and convert the work of the company or NCO into a single and transparently functioning scheme of work.

What are the advantages of using the BAP?

- the opportunity to save money on computer and network equipment and software (including databases)

- to ensure business continuity even in cases of loss of basic equipment

- to organize an unlimited number of jobs anywhere in the world with simultaneous work in different languages

​​- to create a unified system for processing any information produced in the course of business by different sources and export the information in the right kind

- to create their own unique tools for effective and rapid development

Software Deployment Environments

  • Cloud application in Azure
  • Gybrid application
  • Local application


BAP works great with various data sources simultaneously and provides information in a graphic and text form, in various formats.

Tested data storages

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server